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Nutrition course

Do you ever eat fruit and vegetables that have no flavor?

What is the point of doing onebalanced dietif then the food we eat does not have thenutritional properties that we need, or contains sometoxic substances that can poison us and make us ill over time? Can we live on supplements? Should we continue to buy drugs to treat diseases due to malnutrition? Do we want to go so far as to adapt to a tasteless life, munching on "talking crickets"? And maybe drown our despair in sugar?

Is this really what we want?

Monopoly pushes the population to follow a diet that is increasingly poor in properties and species: low-cost, artificial and genetically modified products. Large-scale distribution stands between producers and consumers, dictating production rules and raising market prices at will, to increase their profit margin.

Enough Marketing! We know that we are the ones who lose out first and foremost, and those too.producers who want to continue working while truly respecting the environment and people!


Let's roll up our sleeves and discover everything there is to discover through thefirst nutrition training course organized byHippocratesOrg across theOrigins Project, because by acquiring knowledge, we also acquire power over our lives!

In the advanced course we will also talk aboutnutraceuticals!

The term nutraceuticals was coined in 1989 by Dr. Stephen De Felice and refers tocorrelation between food substances and their healing potential. In practice, nutraceuticals are about the use of specific foods or food componentsto improve health, prevent and treat diseases. These foods contain bioactive components such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fatty acids, which have demonstrated healing or preventive properties. Functional foods are those that provide physiological or psychological benefits beyond just basic nutrition. They can be naturally rich in beneficial substances or artificially enriched with natural components, mainly of plant origin, which have demonstrated healthy properties.

Those who participate in the course will have the opportunity to be included in oursOrigini telegram power group. The group will take care ofbuild a national network of producers premises selected according to i "Origins" criteria (criteria that will be learned during the course). The group, which will be coordinated by some RTBs (Territorial Contacts for Wellbeing) of the First Edition of the Course, will deal with much more: proposal ofnew training courses, proposal ofprojects,activities, events related to the world of food andexchange of knowledge.


Registration for the Basic Course by September 10th

Basic course

The basic course will mainly deal with the topic of evaluation and choice criteria for producers and products and the impact of the latter on our health. The basic course includes, at the beginning of the course, Open Days in the area and subsequently three online theoretical lessons, two of which are chaired byMonia Caramma, researcher, speaker and trainer on functional nutrition and ancient grains. In 2021 she was selected by Forbes among the 100 most influential Italian women in the food field.

Green fields

Registrations still open in some regions

The Open Days

We have organized open days in almost every region of Italy at carefully selected companies, respectful of the ecosystem and inevitably the health of others.

The purpose of the open days is to understand how a product is made: only in this way are we able to truly evaluate its authenticity. At some companies there will also be a moment of refreshment.

Discover the company we have selected for your region!


Registration for the Advanced Course by September 25th

Advanced course

 Stefano Momentè, journalist, writer and restaurant consultant in functional nutrition, in eight lessons will talk to us about nutraceuticals and functional nutrition and how to apply it daily in our kitchens. At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.

Enrollment in the advanced course includes the possibility of also accessing the basic course.

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