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Basic Nutrition Course

Manufacturers' selection criteria and the risks of some substances on our health

The training course will begin with Open Days organized in almost every region of Italy with producers who produce respecting the ecosystem and inevitably people's health.

The aim of the open days is to concretely understand how a product made with love is made: only in this way are we able to truly evaluate its authenticity. At some companies there will also be a moment of refreshment. Each company will request a contribution for the day which will vary from one company to another and whether refreshments are included or not.

For those participating in the basic course, it is not mandatory to also participate in the open day, but it is highly recommended.

We want to experience it as a joyful moment of knowledge and encounters.

Click here to discover the Open Day closest to you.

The course will continue with three online meetings to also follow up on what was observed and learned during the open day.

At the end of the basic course, the Advanced Nutrition Course will begin.



Basic Nutrition Course Program

But first the technical details...


All live links to the lessons will be sent directly to your email addresses a few days before the start of the course.

Before the start of the live broadcast, you will be asked for your name and surname and your email address, to verify that you are registered for the course.

During the live broadcasts it will be possible to ask the speaker questions.

Recordings will all be sent via email at the end of the course.

You have until September 10, 2023 to register.

To follow the steps necessary to register,Click here.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

9.00 pm

Speaker: Enzo Pasquero

Agronomist and Certifier

The Evaluation Criteria of a Manufacturer

 What are the criteria we want to use to select the producers who supply us daily basis?

In this lesson, clear guidelines will be given.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

9.00 pm

Speaker: Monia Caramma

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Food Processing (pesticides, sterilisers, adjuvants)

 Books, magazines and general information have accustomed us to considering food as a sum of nutrients regardless of the place and cultivation/breeding techniques. These two elements are strongly characterizing because they determine the quantity and quality of the authorized chemistry (herbicides, biostimulants, pharmaceuticalsi, pesticides) as well as the methods of transport (sterilizers on foodstuffs). These are all elements present in the product chand we consume and that, consequently, we ingest.The cocktail effect is currently ignored in scientific research but contributes to the onset of intestinal and other symptoms and disorders.

Tuesday 26

September 2023

9.00 pm

Speaker: Monia Caramma

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Endocrine Disruptors
Endocrine disruptors are substances of various nature capable of influencing our hormonal system. They are contained in the prosducts in common use, in industrial or agricultural ones, in medicines, in cosmetics, in vegetables and animals. Let's discover all the dangerous substancesand, their effect and where they are contained.

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