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Telegram Thematic Groups

The Telegram Thematic Groups were created to involve all the talents that have emerged in this year of the Territorial Contact for Wellbeing course.

We did not expect a turnout of more than 1700 members and we were not prepared for such enthusiasm to help IppocrateOrg through the Origins Project: a project for the transformation of society.

This year, thanks to the help of all the RTBs, we have many activities in the pipeline which will bring, through the knowledge of the participants, personal growth created by cooperation and the mutual exchange of everyone's skills and talents. 

The aim of the thematic groups is to expand the Ecosystem network, involving professionals who do not necessarily have to be IppocrateOrg members.

Each thematic group will be managed by 4-5 people who we will call the "Musketeers": to represent the strength of unity.

Each "Musketeer" plays a role both internal and external to Origini and will have the task of creating a vast national network of professionals: the union and complicity of all musketeers will be the values that distinguish this role designed for the RTBs, the the only ones who will be able to carry it out as they are already trained by the experience of regional chats.

Each "Musketeer" will have tasks that he can choose based on his abilities or skills or talents. There will be those who will be in charge of keeping the network alive, those who will expand the network by involving new people, those who will control the network, those who will ensure that Netiquette is respected, those who will organize meetings with other professionals through comparisons with the "Musketeers" of the other thematic groups, who to make sure to listen to the needs of the group to organize telematic meetings necessary for sharing the projects. The roles can obviously also be interchangeable.

Through the involvement of external parties, it will be easier to carry out projects and activities in the area, exchange opinions and advice, organize transversal but at the same time structured and objective-oriented meetings between professionals from different sectors (including with the doctors of IppocrateOrg).

It will also be easier to maintain contact and involve in the projects all those people who meet during the events, demonstrations and various meetings.

By scrolling down you will discover how to join the groups and what our thematic groups are.


All those who have filled out the orientation form will be sent a request via email with the access link to their Telegram thematic group. If you do not receive it, please report it by writing your name, surname, Telegram username and your expertise.

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