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This space is reserved for the first inhabitants of the Ecosystem

We have collected a thousand contacts from people who want to contribute to the wealth of the Ecosystem: they are the first Territorial Contacts for Wellbeing.

By filling out the forms below you will have the opportunity to offer your skills or to look for Ecosystem professionals able to give you advice or support  for your project.

In the latter case, your message will be sent to people who match the profile you describe


The data and messages shared by you in the request may, for organizational reasons, be shared with the coordinators and with the general coordination group ofOrigins.

This space is reserved for RTBs and those who have signed up for the Second Edition to become Territorial Representatives for Wellbeing.

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Offer your skills

You will be contacted via email or telegram

Search for the professional you would like to contact

You will be contacted via email or telegram

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