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Directions for navigating in Piazza Origini

Origins Square

"Testimonials are a great way to show the positive feedback you receive. Click to edit or add them."

Simone Woods

"Testimonials are a great way to show the positive feedback you receive. Click to edit or add them."

Nicole Yang

"Testimonials are a great way to show the positive feedback you receive. Click to edit or add them."

Calvin Smith

"Testimonials are a great way to show the positive feedback you receive. Click to edit or add them."

Suzanne Levis


Make sure, once you have signed up to Piazza Origini, to receive and confirm your registration via email.


If you are someone who is just interested in the Origins Project and want to learn more, join your regional group.


If you also want to actively participate in the Origins Project,sign up for the course to become a Territorial Wellbeing Representative.


Once registered as an RTB you will have access to the groups  reserved for RTBs. Piazza Origini will also become a tool for co-planning.


On Piazza Origini you can publish a simple message (Post), a question (Question) with multiple answers or start a discussion (Discussion) which allows you to formulate your thoughts by also inserting a title and many other details. The post can be published on the Home Page or within the groups reserved for RTBs or within thematic groups. Notifications of replies to posts are also received via email  and they arrive specifically in spam. If you want to receive notifications directly to your email inboxClick here


The official groups reserved for RTBs are:

  • The RTB NEWS and RTB groups for the first edition RTBs

  • The RTB NEWS 2023 groups andRTB 2023  reserved for RTBsof the Second Edition.

Within both groups  links to view the lessons are published. RTB News is reserved only for administrators to disseminate official updates and news.


All the posts published by users appear on the Home page (even those published in the groups to which you have access). Piazza Origini moderators can highlight some posts over others. The highlighted posts are marked with a "pin" and are generally news items that concern the general organization.


Thematic groups are open to the public (not just RTBs). Information and more are exchanged within these groups (seeSolidarity Reception group). The RTBs and the inhabitants of Piazza Origini can publish their projects, national, international news or news related to the chosen theme and within the groups networks of professionals who share the same values can be created (seePiazza Pharmacists Group). If you are participating in the Origins Contest enter theOrigins Contest groupand share your project with the inhabitants of the Square.


The regional groups are open both to RTBs (Territorial Representatives for Wellbeing) and to those who are interested in the Origins world and would like to have more information on the Origins Project and on the projects carried out by the RTBs in the area. Only local news is published on the regional group.


Within all groups there are moderators.

The moderators have the task of updating the Square on what is being done within the Origini Project, they ensure that in each chat the Origini values are respected and a peaceful atmosphere open to discussion is maintained and finally they publish news relating to the group themes.

The moderators maintain order, but all members are asked to feel involved and free to publish, comment and express themselves in compliance with the Origin Values. Moderators can delete inappropriate posts, posts published several times or posts not related to the theme of the group where they were published, for the sole purpose of maintaining order and balance.

To discover the vision and values of OriginiClick here.

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