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Self-Mi and Roots

Inner growth laboratory

The laboratory consists of a series of online live broadcasts where experts in energy techniques, traditionally used in some cultures to achieve an ideal psychophysical balance, talk about their approach and experience in the field.

During the year there will be the possibility to participate, upon reservation, in live practices on zoom to delve deeper into what will be discussed theoretically within the laboratory.

The workshop is suitable for all those who wish to learn about techniques that can help them find their own balance, manage the stress of everyday life and be in control of themselves in times of difficulty.

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Planof the laboratory


The meetings will all take place online, questions will be collected and asked to the speakers live.
Recordings will also be available for members.

The course is free but to follow it you must be an IppocrateOrg member (annual fee 25 euros).

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Wednesday 7 February 2024

9.00 pm

Holotropic breathing and expanded processes of consciousness

Speaker: Alessandro Pacco

Psychocorporeal psychotherapist, holotropic breathing facilitator and ethnoclinician, his main area of intervention lies in the intersection between expanded processes of consciousness, pathology/physiology, clinical devices and cultural worlds.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

9.00 pm

A journey through internal images and meditation

Speaker: Catiussa Greco and Nicoletta Berlingeri

Catiussa has been a doctor in Pedagogy and a Holistic Practitioner for 30 years. She shares her research path through the practice and teaching of various energetic-vibrational techniques aimed at providing tools for personal, spiritual and professional growth.

Nicoletta is a naturopath and holistic practitioner. For over 20 years she has specialized in Nutripuncture and Holistic Psychosomatics at Dr. Ruediger Dahke's School of Integrated Medicine.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

9.00 pm

Meeting between Art and Poetry: precious elements for teaching and holistic practice

Speaker: Chiara Virzì

Teacher, psychologist, family mediator, specialized in the Ericksonian hypnotic method for the treatment of pain; he studied yoga, mindfulness, metameric massage and NLP.


Wednesday 6March 2024

9.00 pm

Eudaimonic Osteopathy and Mindfulness: a virtuous integration

Speaker: Maurizio Mattioni

Physiotherapist and osteopath

Wednesday 20thMarch 2024

9.00 pm

Practical activities meet meditation

Speaker: Gioia Ugenti and Sabrina Guerrini

Gioia and Sabrina are the coordinators of the Origini telegram thematic group "Crafts that cure".

Wednesday 10 April 2024

9.00 pm

Ayurveda: balance of body, mind and soul to feel good about ourselves

Speaker: Francesca Nosella

Naturopath, Cranio-Sacral operator and Applied Kinesiology. Ayurvedic consultant through personalized courses deals with nutrition and relaxation techniques.

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