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Sending Thesis

It is possible to send your work by January 31, 2023.

Below you will find the instructions for proceeding:


To ensure a fair evaluation, it is necessary that each work remains anonymous. It is important that the essay only refers to your Member Card Number instead of your name.

N.B. to retrieve your membership card number click on the card number button. If your email address does not exist, write to


To make the evaluation of the works easier, each work must be in PDF format with a maximum size of 10MB.

 N.B. if you need to convert your essay to PDFClick here.


Once you have replaced your name and surname with your membership card number, and prepared your PDF file,click herethe and fill out the submission form.


We will receive more than a thousand documents and only the 30 best essays will be read  and commented by the President of IppocrateOrg and some selected doctors.

We therefore ask each RTB to participate in the group self-evaluation, reading and evaluating five essays in turn.

Through the evaluations of the whole group, two hundred essays will emerge which will then be read and evaluated by a group of readers. The group of readers will select the best thirty essays.


The evaluation methods will be communicated by January 15th.


The evaluation will be done between the end of January and mid-February 2023.


The evaluation criteria you will need to refer to are:

1. originality of contents;

2. proactiveness of the contents in relation to the IppocrateOrg and Origini initiatives;

3. clarity of presentation.


The evaluation of the essay does not  will result in the disqualification of anyone from the role of RTB. The drafting and submission of the essay is, however, essential for us as it is a demonstration and confirmation of the commitment of those who intend to take on and carry out the role of the RTB. Anyone who does not submit the essay will therefore not be recognized as RTB by IppocrateOrg. Coordinators and designers are exempt from submitting the second part of the thesis. In fact, let us remember that the thesis also includes theOrientation Module(first part of the essay): if you have not yet filled it out, click on the Orientation Form button. If there are particular delivery problems, write

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