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The magical sharing of a journey

“He who cancontemplate the beauty ofworld, also feeling thesuffering, understanding both wonders, − he is incontact with thethings divine and approached thesecret of God as he ispossible.”

De Profundis, Oscar Wilde

This year, as Progetto Origini, in collaboration with the Microcosmo association, we decided to involve a group of inmates from the Verona prison in our project: we gave the inmates the opportunity to follow all the lessons to become Territorial Representatives for Wellbeing and to read and evaluate the term papers  submitted by RTB candidates at the end of the 2022 course.

On this page we share with you the experience of prisoners and the content of the most successful essays.

Enjoy the reading

The letters of the prisoners

The Theses

At the end of the first course to become Territorial Representatives for Wellbeing, we received 1000 essays. Of these thousand, 200 were selected through evaluation, according to the criteria of proactiveness, clarity and originality by the Territorial Representatives for Wellbeing 2022. Finally, the 200 essays were read and evaluated with the same criteria by the inmates to select 30 of them in order to be able to make them public.
The essay evaluation process was intended simply as a way to involve RTBs and prisoners in sharing different points of view, as a source of individual and collective enrichment.
Today we offer you the exciting reading of the essays that obtained the highest scores in 2022. The order in which they were inserted on this page is random.


The New World of visual well-being

Systemic overview of body, mind, spirit, environment and history to understand, prevent and improve vision and related pathologies


New approaches to nutrition

Nutrition and alternative support approaches in chronic degenerative diseases. 


The house of rebirths

"All parts of creation are connected to each other and influence each other. The balanced rhythm of the Universe is rooted in reciprocity"

(Sri Yukteswar, Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda)


Rebel Beekeeping: PermApiculture

How aware is man that his existence depends on bees and not vice versa?


Body-mind-heart harmony

Reflections of a naturopath


Cardiac Coherence

“Cardiac coherence is a state of profound synchronization, a state of alignment between the heart and the mind.”


The Soul

Romantic guide to lost but found places


What to do?

Training course for territorial managers for
Well being


Starting from the essence

“I firmly believe that if everyone does their part, we can all benefit from a better world.”


Eighteen seconds is not enough

“It's a beautiful time, all sweaty
A rebellious season
The moment the only arrow shoots
Which reaches the celestial vault
And pierces the stars
It's a day that all the people
He holds out his hand
It's the same moment for everyone
That he will be blessed, I believe
From far away..."
“There is time” by Ivano Fossati – 2003


The lesson I learned from Dirac's wonderful law

"Our society must be rebuilt from the foundations, there is a lot of work to do but first of all we must start from ourselves to rediscover the deepest meaning of life. We must review our habits, our way of living and understanding life, each of us is a small spark, but, in many, we can shed light."


Crapu Therapy

"CRAPu stands for
Puccio, Giovanni Puccio, Sicilian researcher who developed the
therapeutic combination."


The frequencies of well-being

Well-being in the frequencies of the sound of the voice.


The importance of the relationship in the treatment process

The importance of welcoming and supporting the patient in a system that involves the patient and those who care for him.


"It can be done!"

Principles of traditional Chinese medicine


Love is the true nature of our soul

"The noblest art is to make others happy."


Remedies between ancient and modern, passing through the future

"This is not intended to be a medical treatise (I leave that to the experts) but a small reading manual
ancient and modern things (which we will later see are not so modern) that I have had the opportunity to know and
to experiment."


Microbiota and microbiome

"Today we know that 90% of pathologies originate in the intestine starting from dysbiosis, a condition that generates chronic low grade inflammation which works in our body like a constantly lit ember and which determines a
down regulation of the immune system."


The mental benefits of knitting and crocheting

 "Crochet has been called “the new yoga,” for
its relaxing and meditative properties and is increasingly used in clinics, schools and prisons to help people lead healthier and happier lives."


An ecosystemic perspective as a guide

Ecosystem proposal applied to the reading of lecture notes for RTBs, to projects, to the Casa della Salute, ad

education and life in general.

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