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Origini operates today mostly in Italy.

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When Opposites manifest themselves, all that remains is to return to the Origins

Do you feel responsible of the system where you live in?

Do you feel that the society you live in does not or no longer reflects your values?

If your answer to these two questions is yes, Origini is the project for you.

Origini brings together people who feel what you feel, from all over the world. Origini creates the humus, the ideal fertile soil, for the birth of an Ecosystem that starts from the bottom.

The word Ecosystem serves to remind everyone that we are all responsible for the ecosystem balance, we are an integral part of this ecosystem balance.


Origini reminds us that we are responsible for the manifestation of our values, our thoughts, the energy we emanate, the management of our emotions, what we say, what we buy as consumers, what we offer as entrepreneurs.

Origins reminds us that opposites coexist within us and that we must observe our abyss, to uncover the veils of our sky.

Origins reminds us that we cannot continue to delegate our responsibility indefinitely to our parents or to the institutions or specialists of the case.

Origins is a social laboratory, an open cultural construction site, an opportunity for everyone to feel that we can grow, that we can make mistakes, that we can evolve in company without judgement, that we can create a better world together, if we are capable of breaking old patterns, of not remaining trapped in habits which over time are harmful to us and to others, if from dry leaves carried by the wind, we manage to return to being completely masters of ourselves, we return to being trees.

Origins, as a project of the Ippocrate Foundation, focuses on the theme of health, nutrition, prevention, care of the body and thoughts and has, as its main objective,to raise awareness among citizens so that they are able to take care of themselves and their loved ones and to identify and critically analyze the information and advice proposed by those who hold exclusively economic interests.


With Origins we learn how the topic of health is vast and depends on multiple factors, all closely interconnected with each other: from psychological ones, to cultural habits, to family influences, to environmental factors.

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