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The School of Ippocrate of 3rd level train Territorial Coordinators for Well Being


Who is a Territorial Coordinator for Well Being (TCW)

  • An adult citizen, a contact person for the community in which he resides or lives or with which he is connected.

  • A link between the IppocrateOrg doctors and the community in reference to issues concerning the health and well-being of the individual and the community.



How it will be trained


Through a path of twenty meetings, at a distance, on a weekly basis that will end with a final exam. To participate in the exam, it will be necessary to have attended at least fifteen lessons. Upon passing the final exam, the title of Territorial Referent of Wellness will be awarded.




Premise. The experience gained during the training of groups of health workers but also ordinary citizens by the doctors of IppocrateOrg during the Covid epidemic and the results obtained in terms of help and care for sick people suggests that the same model can be applied for the "pandemic" of non-communicable diseases (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, autoimmune diseases, etc.).

Contents. They will focus on prevention and lifestyle that allow to reduce both in numerical terms (in the long term and for all pathologies), and in terms of severity and course (in the short term and for some of them), the impact on population of noncommunicable diseases. In a nutshell, the following themes will be dealt with:

- Analysis of the epidemiological impact of risk factors and causes;

- Environmental pollution and risk;

- Lifestyles and prevention activities;

- Personalized treatment and medicine.


The detailed program of the course will be provided to individual participants after registration.



Modalities of the Courses

The courses (distance learning) will start towards the end of the second half of May 2022 and will end at the beginning of December 2022. Participation is free of charge. The individual exam will take place by the middle of December 2022. By 21/12/2022, with the consent of the interested parties, the list of the Territorial Welfare Representatives will be published, divided by region and city.




Function and prerogatives of the Territorial Coordinators for Well-being

- will have direct contact with the doctors of IppocrateOrg

- will be able to participate in IppocrateOrg refresher courses

- will be able to formulate proposals to the Scientific Medical Committee, making themselves the bearers of the requests and needs of their community of reference

- will be part of the Regional Executive Councils of IppocrateOrg which will be established starting from June 2022.

How to register

You register by sending an email to with your personal details, educational qualification, Whatsapp number and indicating the reference community (association, company, organization, institution, etc.).

IppocrateOrg will confirm acceptance of the registration by May 23, 2022. The email must be sent no later than May 18, 2022. All RTBs must enter the RTB Group open in (Piazza Origini) and in the specific Whatsapp Chat of IppocrateOrg and will be reachable within these two spaces. To register for the course it is necessary both to send the email to and to enter Piazza Origini.

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