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The Jury of the Origi Prize Contest 2023


Matteo Gracis

President of the Jury Journalist and Entrepreneur

1mirella cleri.jpg

Mirella Cleri

Clinical and Community Psychologist Healthcare Manager, Contract professor of Work and Organizational Psychology


Fabio Burigana

Director of the Scientific Committee of IppocrateOrg

isabella masotti.jpg

Isabella Masotti


maria dei svaldi.jpg

Maria Dei Svaldi

Architect and entepreneur


Andrea Frausin

Performance Specialist, Master Trainer & Coach, Entrepreneur

The Contest

Every two years, Origini, through IppocrateOrg, propose a Prize Contest.


Purpose of the Origini Prize Contest 

The complexity in the interpretative approach of the world and the human being, the cooperation and self-management in the entrepreneurial field represent for the Contest Origins preferential instruments and titles in the promotion of cultural change in the social field, educational, entrepreneurial and technological.


The aim is to create the ideal fertile ground for the birth and growth of an ecosystem composed of people, movements, associations and businesses that pursue and nourish their activities by placing the human being at the center in a natural way in a relationship of balance with what surrounds him and of which he feels an integral part. 

To who is adress the Origini Prize Contest

The Origini Contest is adressed to people, associations and companies interested in improving the human existence and health of the planet through: 

  • Environmental recovery projects in a context of cooperation and economic and social development 

  • Educational projects (school and training) 

  • Projects in agriculture and/or real estate (e.g. restoration of villages, recovery of ancient seeds, new forms of agriculture or green building, etc.) 

  • Social and cultural projects 

  • Projects of new ways of doing business with particular attention to business networks and participatory models. 

  • Information technology projects that facilitate new ways of cooperating and doing business in any field. 

Why participate in the Contest

Participating in the Contest allows you to create an active network with people who share the same values and the same desire for change. The Contest also allows you to promote your activity among the members of Origini and the possibility of winning a cash prize. 

How to participate in the Contest 

To download the participation form and know the methods of participation, the value of the prize, the jury and the timing of the Contest, we invite you to register on and enter the group Contest Origini. 

For any questions or problems related to your registration on Piazza Origini, write us on


Mauro Rango

Mauro Rango, Founder and President of IppocrateOrg


Raffaele Sbettega



Irina Boutourline

Vice Presidente IppocrateOrg

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