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Aerofotogrammetria della natura

The Tour between the Regions

Below you will find the REPORT of the most important points addressed during the online meetings with the coordinators, moderators and regions, updates and news.

May 14, 2023

Management of RTBs who have not completed the route, by sending the form, but not the essay

  • No one will be excluded  from chats

  • Given the various difficulties that many RTBs have encountered due to the historical period we are facing (suspensions/returns/job changes - long Covid and personal and family health problems - confusion in their role as RTBs) we will give the opportunity to everyone this year to evaluate whether they want to continue to be active RTBs leaving the individual freedom of no longer being a member of the regional chats.

  • To be active RTB you just need to be associated with IppocrateOrg (basic member)  as an RTB is a supporting member. The association must be renewed by the end of 2023. This means that you can take this sabbatical to evaluate whether to continue being an RTB.

  • An active RTB, in addition to being present in regional chats, can:

-  present the projects and be followed in their implementation

-  participate in the second RTB edition (registration by June 30th)

-  be a member of the thematic groups of Piazza Origini

-  follow internal training on coordination, technical IT of        tools we use, on the approach to mbuildings and the opening of new medical practices, opening of counseling centers.

We trust that the few RTBs who have not even sent the form will choose to join and pparticipate in the second edition and complete the pcourse.

Regional groups of Piazza Origini:

Public Groups and Reserved Groups

Below is the link to the website page that explains how to navigate the Square.


In addition to the public groups already present, regional groups dedicated only to active RTBs will be created to collaborate and co-createthe projects .

These groups will be run by coordinators and moderators who have volunteered their time.


The Square knowswill increasingly be noour meeting place

Thematic Groups

The thematic groups arise from the need to bring together professionals from the same sector, to broaden the network and to facilitate discussion, useful for carrying forward projects in the area and at a national level.

  1. GroupDiet (open to RTB and external)

  2. GroupNurses and Obstetricians (open to RTB and external)

  3. GroupPhysiotherapists and Ostepaths (open to RTB and external)

  4. GroupResearch Medical Studies in the Territory (open to active RTBs)

  5. GroupNaturopathy Network (open to RTB and external)

  6. GroupHolistic Operators (open to RTB and external)

  7. GroupArt&Wellbeing (open to RTB and external)

  8. GroupEvents (open to all RTBs who coordinate the organization of local events or RTBs who dedicate themselves to graphic or video editing projects)

  9. Group Ethics&Communication (reserved for RTBs who have an overall vision of communication and who propose ideas to improve communication and the ethics of the organization)

We will also havethe "nostro Official Channel Commnications Origins

Peculiarities of all groups

  • They can be present more experts on the subject to represent the group: to start we are looking for 4/5 informed "Musketeers" who coordinate and train the group, taking care of the inclusion of members, training, searching for collaborators (APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED by writing to Patricia - username @Patricia_erborista_consulente )

  • All RTBs present in the thematic groups can organize events in the area independently and in collaboration with all members under the patronage of IppocrateOrg/Origini by writing to the post office for precise instructions on how to proceed. Creating events serves to broaden our knowledge and find other talents who, like us, want to carry forward their projects in favor of the community, thus bringing about mutual exchange and personal growth, a relationship of trust, a shoulder to count on in case needed help or there are difficulties.   

  • All the figures that were created during this year (coordinators, moderators, designers and RTB) are interconnected with each other: even if different tasks have been defined for each of these figures, it does not go without saying that anyone can organize cognitive meetings both in presence that online, or answer questions,or take action in projects, or make suggestions.


These figures were created to give the opportunity to bring out their talents.


How regional chats will be structured

Patricia's inclusion in all regional chats has the aim of monitoring communication and that is understanding whether the information from communication messages arrives correctly, collecting critical issues, proposing new methods, knowing RTBs and supporting  the coordinators.

The chats were created to promote knowledge and collaboration of the RTB in its territory.

Instead, it emerged that the contents range from the usual obsessive compulsive sharing  instilled in us by classic social media, to promote one's work for personal or electoral purposes and not for the growth of the community.

All this is not exactly in the vision of the new Ecosystem so it is clear that the message has not arrived clearly.

It is therefore underlined that:

  • Sharing or promotion is not despised, but we must pay attention to how it is implemented and what the goals behind its implementation are.

  • The party/political aspect, in the strictest sense of the term, non is a concept belonging to IppocrateOrg.

  • all 2023 RTBs will be included in the regional Telegram chats from the end of July onwards to give new members the opportunity to understand if they like the journey they have undertaken and continue together with all of us.

  • the methods for entering the 2023 RTBs will be communicated in mid-July and all the tools will be provided. 

A guide to communicating messaging will be offered to all members

The provincial channels

The provincial telegram channels had been made available by the Origini staff to facilitate meetings and organisation.

It was found that they were not used and other local groups were formed of which however we are not members and we do not know the progress and to which we are unable to give the right support.

We propose to those who want to make the provincial groups that have been created official, in the following way:

  • inserting Origini staff as administrators to bring them into line with other groups;

  • looking for coordinators (for those who don't have them) who will be trained together with regional coordinators and moderators so that we can have a local territorial vision, but without losing the regional overall vision.

The role of
for the
Well being

To the question: “what should an RTB do?” the response suggested in a meeting was: "The point is not what an RTB MUST do, but what an RTB WANTS to do!"

By hooking ourselves to this concept we try to encourage the RTB to propose themselves in the roles, to have initiative! Because there are no errors, but tests to implement change because at this moment everything is constantly evolving.

One way to be able to implement your role is:

  • follow the chat by reading at least the important messages;

  • inform yourself independently before asking;

  • respond correctly by helping the coordinators;

  • discuss with the designers;

  • welcome new RTBs who join an already formed group and will be disoriented;

  • remember our experience to make up for the shortcomings that we seemed to perceive;

  • always feel responsible as individuals, before impulsively blaming others.

  • be patient as we all donate our time as volunteers

  • do not compulsively share links as society has instilled in us, but express our thoughts that accompany what we want to share with other RTBs

  • consider that no mistakes are made: everything is in progress, we are traveling together

Let's reflect and go slowly, we are building the "slow web" society

Regional video calls

A first tour of regional video calls was carried out with Patricia to offer all RTBs a more complete general vision, answer doubts and collect feedback, collaborations, proposals and critical issues.

Some regions have been grouped together for convenience as they consist of only a few members.

We really liked the exchange because it enriched everything.

In addition to the pointslisted above, will havethe aim of getting to know other realities, exchanging territorial information, finding ideas and, in some way, bringing RTBs from all over Italy closer together.


This tour will have an ifsecond edition!



There is no association at a national level that helps its members throughout the territory to carry out their projects by enhancing their personal talents and enriching them with experience since the association itself is enriched by the experiences and talents of each member.

We are the Ecosystem.




"By helping each other we get information, we try to help others and we train ourselves walking.

So don't be scared, join the groups because then together we do the rest, that is, we help each other and grow together"

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