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Advanced Nutrition Course

with Stefano Momenté

Stefano Momentè is a chef, journalist, writer and restaurant consultant.

Expert in food, nutrition, cooking and vegan lifestyle, vegan for 38 years, in 2001 he founded Vegan Italia (national association for correct information on veganism). 

He has published 21 books on these topics and is considered among the Italian fathers of modern veganism. In fact, he wrote the first editions of vegan and raw food recipes published in Italy in 2002 and 2007 respectively. In 2017 he founded Altrocibo Academy, a reality in which professional and amateur vegetable cooking courses are developed. 

Teacher in various Higher Institutes for Tourism (Jesolo, Bardolino, Vieste), for many years also for the Bilateral Tourism Board of the Province of Venice, now also for the Bilateral Tourism Board of Trentino. 

It offers consultancy and services aimed at the catering and food and beverage sectors. Member of the ACV (Association of Chefs of the Province of Venice) and of the FIC (Italian Federation of Chefs).

Stefano is also a Trainer, Food Coach, Consultant in Naturopathy, Consultant in Nutrition and Psychosomatic Herbalism, Consultant in Psychonutrition, Consultant in Nutraceuticals and Functional Nutrition,

Practitioner in Applied Mycotherapy, Detox Consultant and fasting expert. 


Nutraceuticals and Functional Nutrition

IF WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, as Feuerbach stated, nutrition plays a decisive role in our well-being. However, we often don't know what we eat, and the quality of our life suffers as a result, with serious consequences for the body. This is where Nutraceuticals comes into play, a word that is increasingly on everyone's lips. Having appeared semantically in Rome in 1989 as a literal and scientific portmanteau between the consolidated terms of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals has, in the development of recent years, increasingly represented that new vision that has been created in the relationship between food and health.

Red apples

The Role of Nutraceuticals

THE ROLE OF NUTRACEUTICS today becomes decisive for those who want to know in detail what really happens when we eat, which principles are activated and with what real consequences on our health. Nutraceuticals in fact means recognizing, through a renewed relationship between biology, chemistry and medicine, the close relationship that exists between our eating habits and our health.

Spinach smoothie

Functional Foods

FUNCTIONAL FOODS were born in Japan in the 1980s as real medicines. In practice, these are foods enriched with active ingredients of natural origin or nutrients (nutraceuticals), and their function is to bring benefits to the body.

Construction extract

Institute of Medicine

The INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE of the US National Academy of Sciences defines Functional Foods as "those foods which, in addition to their basic nutritional values, contain substances that regulate certain vital functions capable of bringing physiological benefits to those who consume them".

Advanced Course Program

But first the technical details...


All live links to the lessons will be sent directly to your email addresses a few days before the start of the course.

Before the start of the live broadcast, you will be asked for your name and surname and your email address, to verify that you are registered for the course.

During the live broadcasts it will be possible to ask the speaker questions.

If you cannot be present on one or more days of the course, write to to access the recordings. The recordings will be visible on a platform.

To enroll in the Advanced Course, follow the stepsby clicking here. You have until September 25th.

Click hereto also discover the basic course programme.

Click here to discover the Open Days in the area.

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Nutraceuticals and Functional Nutrition

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Thursday 16 November 2023

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