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Evaluation criteria used by the jury


The project evaluation criteria are as follows:


  • Innovation and creativity

  • Protection of the environment and/or resources

  • Quality level of products and/or services

  • Respect and valorization of the growth of the people involved in the project

  • Contribution to the improvement of society according to the Origini values

  • Simplicity and clarity

  • Ease of implementation and timing


Voting method of each individual judge


Each project will be examined by the Judges based on the criteria listed above, giving a score from 0 to 6 (six) for each criterion from a) to i), according to the following value table and in the manner indicated below:

0. none

1. extremely low

2. low

3. mediocre

4. good

5. distinct

6. excellent

The jury will be divided into two groups of four people each (excluding the president). Each member of the group will vote on the projects assigned to their group following the evaluation methods mentioned above. In the first meeting, each group, separately, will identify the two projects that received the highest sum of votes. Finally, in a second meeting, the four projects selected by the two groups of judges will be examined together with the President with the aim of selecting the two winning projects of the Origins Prize Contest.

Of the voting of the first and second meeting, a report will be drawn up which will contain the day and time of the voting and for each project, the individual scores received for each criterion, with the sum of the total score obtained by each project, in addition to the identification of the project that has acquired the highest score.


If there are projects with the same score, both will compete in the final vote.




Program of the Origini Prize Contest



Between May 29th and 20th June at 9.00pm

Each member of the group will have time to vote on the projects assigned to them.


June 20th at 9pm

There will be the first meeting of the two groups of judges who will have the task of selecting the two projects that received the highest scores.


June 27th at 9pm

There will be the second meeting: an occasion in which all the judges will establish the winning projects together by analyzing together the 4 projects with the highest votes.


June 29th at 9pm

Awards ceremony on zoom with the presence of all the judges.


Possibly live events will be organized in July to reward the winners.

The payment of the prizes will be made on July 6th.

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