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Information needed to fill out the form for the Origini Prize Contest

Here you can download the form for the Origini Prize Contest in Word format.

To participate in the Contest you must register atOrigins Square and join the Origins Contest group.

Origins Contest, towards a new ecosystem

Guidelines for those who intend to participate in the prize contest and who therefore need to fill out the form (also downloadable on Piazza Origini in pdf format).

The form will request the following information:

Project Title

You are asked to enter the title of your project. It can be an evocative title with a subtitle with a more concrete descriptive value.


You are asked how long the study and implementation of the project will last before being launched/advertised.


You will be asked for the resources necessary to carry out the project.

Resources in detail

 A list of subjects, activities and expected expenses.


Why did you decide to undertake this path? Could your project help create a new ecosystem? 


Description of the activities to be carried out to achieve your goals. 


Scheduled times for the various activities necessary to achieve the objectives.


Which Origini value does your project feel most similar to and why.

Personal data

Sharing your general data.

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