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The abyss is a sky in reverse. 

There are those who aspire to the Great Reset and those who instead live the Great Awakening. Without the thought and experience of one, the other could not exist.


The beauty of life lies in the majestic balance of opposites that dominates every will and thanks to this wonderful flow, we rediscover the guiding values that allow us to shake off the haze of laziness that clouds our thoughts, deceiving us into thinking that we must be dependent creatures, and thus allowing us to re-evaluate our boundaries of power

The words that represent our values all begin with a semicircle: they are the four C’s of Origins. 


What do we really like? 

Putting man back at the center, shifting our attention from profit, conceived as the only means of realization, is the first step towards discovering it. 


Simplification has become a fashion of our time. Hashtags, slogans,  classifications, protocols. Day by day we lose our memory, our ability to express ourselves, to look into each other’s eyes and to understand each other. Coping with the complexity of life opens us up to inner enrichment. 


We are increasingly inclined to entrust our body and mind to experts and not to listen to us anymore, but it is our habits, our thoughts, our mental presence in reality that are crucial for our health. The connexion with our neighbour, with our surroundings and  the care we take when we create and produce something, then happens naturally. 


They teach us to be competitive, top of the class, but then we grow up, and we realize we’re more fragile and lonely than we thought we were. We have to accept the rules of a pyramidal system in order to survive. But what if domination dynamics were replaced by collaboration dynamics? How many new initiatives could be created and what impact could they have on the redistribution of resources? 

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